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Mercyhurst Prep: Anything & Everything


Fall 2016

Mercyhurst Prep: Anything & Everything

High School Admissions Recruitment Video

  • Motion Graphics
  • Script Writing
  • Marketing Production




When attracting applicants, many private high schools invite 7th and 8th graders to shadow a current student for one day. This tactic allows multitudes of nervous grade schoolers to get a feel for the place and more comfortably address what might feel like the most important decision of their lives.

Following the success of a previous, similar project, Mercyhurst Preparatory School approached me to create an updated video that they could show to shadowing students. Anything & Everything is an animated video that subverts typical marketing strategies of secondary education, welcoming students into the next chapter of their lives at MPS.

My Role

I worked with the administration at Mercyhurst Prep to figure out a strategy that met their enrollment needs while allowing me to stretch my skills a little bit. Since it’s been a few years since I myself attended MPS, we called for the english department to gather original works of poetry from the students surrounding the theme of being a Mercyhurst Prep Laker. I referenced those submissions when writing the script. Audio-related credits for the video are listed below.

Sound Design Joshua Banach
Music BOPDcc/by
Narration Kelly Hurlburt




The purpose of this project is twofold. Primarily, the video has to advance the business goals of the institution. This video will be successful to the extent that it gets students in the door next Fall.

The second motive is emotional. The folks in charge at MPS already broadcast the standard material that parents want to hear. For the students, they needed something cool.


I originally pitched a series of shorter videos before we landed on just one piece, but the intent was the same. I would craft a narrative that describes a student’s real experience. We wouldn’t shy away from the challenges, but we would emphasize the benefits and show that it was accessible to all kinds of learners. I thought this approach would be refreshing and effective, and my client was on board.




A huge inspiration for this concept is Metamorphosis, the award-winning homage that Buck made for Good Books. The magic of capturing an audience with a story–letting the embedded commercial take a backseat–is exactly what I was going for. I attempted to apply what was effective without copying the format entirely, and I made further departures in my visual style.


Leveraging attitudes and language from student work, I put together a script for my client’s approval that hit all the major themes and provided enough detail to feel real. The story is told from a student’s perspective – a junior named Kelsey who is in the midst of writing a biology assignment.




Final Product





I really like how most of this video came out, but I wish I'd had more time to devote to chracter design and animation. The audience is supposed to connect with Kelsey and that could have been strengthened more. In the future, I want to get more practice with characters so that I can achieve what I need to if I get another project like this.

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