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Stranger Than Earth Lyrics Video


Spring 2015

Stranger Than Earth

Purity Ring lyrics + volcanic ooze

  • Motion Graphics
  • # Old Media




This project explores the interaction of music, language, and visual art. I chose to use a segment of Stranger Than Earth by Purity Ring because I was really into them at the time ( I still totally am ).

My Role

The music and lyrics were not my own, but I handled every visual aspect of the project, from the first pencil sketch to the last speed curve.




In general, I was excited by the song's vibe and how I could create a motion graphics piece to complement it.


I remember reading somewhere that this song was about love, and how love is like a volcano. I'm not sure if that's what the songwriters had in mind, but I liked how it sounded. I really wanted the lyrics to work naturally with the animation instead of coming across as forced or distracting.




I pulled from a variety of sources for inspiration and was overwhelmingly drawn to images that had a certain movement to them – I think it could be described as soft, melancholic, and fluid. They show the downward pull of gravity but feature elements that float against it.

The painterly look was important for this reason, too. It shows a balance of intention and accident, which became part of my process. Above are some images that I referenced, including hauntingly beautiful paintings from Nuestra, pigment-conscious textures by Nancy Wood, and Purity Ring's original album artwork for Another Eternity, designed by Tallulah Fontaine, among others.



Final Product


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